water drops slowly dripping from a green leaf, into a pond of water, creating concentric ripples


When we send our content out into the world – in whatever form we choose – sometimes it can feel very… quiet. For a time, it can be hard to see the impact happening.

When you share your message one-on-one, in a group setting, or even from a stage, it’s easy to see how the audience is receiving our message. There’s a certain level of immediate feedback.

But when we send our content out through other channels – physical or digital – there’s not often that immediate feedback. And it can feel very… quiet. It’s often an act of faith and bravery – trusting that your efforts are worthwhile, sometimes wondering…

Is it working? Is it making an impact? Is it making a difference? Is it resonating?

And it’s a gift when someone shares how something we said, something we shared, something we did helped them, inspired them, encouraged them, helped them solve a problem…

But what continually astounds me, is that we also don’t often realize the ripples we are creating.

When a piece of content we create, a message we share, a service we provide, a product we offered, a word of advice we gave… how that creates ripples.

When our content resonates, when it makes a difference, it doesn’t just make a difference for that first initial person. It makes a difference for everyone they share their lessons learned with, their insights with.

A phrase we said, a solution we shared, a resource, ripples across the pond… making a difference not just in the life of one person, but making a difference for the next person they share it with, and the next person.

You aren’t just sharing your message, creating an impact for those you are directly connected to, directly sharing with. You are creating ripples of impact…

And you may never know, who or how many your words, your actions, your insights, your products or programs impacted. But you can be assured, that as long as you keep sharing, as long as you keep helping those in your world, you are creating ripples.

Many, Many Ripples… of impact.