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Why are we called Little Bits Media? 

Why are we called Little Bits Media?  Because Little Bits Add Up. 

Little bits of action create momentum.

Little bits of action can transform lives.  

All it takes sometimes is the right message, the right solution, at the right time to totally transform a person’s life, their thinking, and their health or the health of their families and/or relationships.

Little Bits is a reminder to keep going, to keep sharing your message, your products, your services… to keep offering encouragement, training, and content to reach others. 

What you do makes a difference. It doesn’t take huge efforts, or polished marketing materials. It takes you, showing up, in whatever form you choose to show up in, and sharing your message, serving your clients, customers, audience… 

Tasha Smith, in her book Customer First, reminds us hat someone is praying for the solution you offer…  for your words of wisdom, your experience, your expertise, your skills, your message. 

The Little Bits in Little Bits Media is our reminder that “Little Bits Add Up”  That actions, no matter how small, matter.